PLASSON | Metric Compression Fitting - 90 Deg. Elbow Female 50mm-1.1/4" BSP

$36.33 inc GST

PLASSON | Metric Compression Fitting - 90 Deg. Elbow Female 50mm-1.1/4" (With Reinforcing Ring)


A: 133mm
A1: 67mm
d: 50mm
E: 95mm
G: 40mm/1.1/4" BSP
L: 91mm
L2: 28mm
Weight: 313g


Plasson is a global leader in the development and manufacture of innovative solutions for connecting polyethylene and other pipelines.

Plasson started with fittings for agricultural irrigation and have now developed solutions and systems for water, gas, waste and chemical pipelines.

Fluid delivery systems throughout the world owe their excellence to Plasson’s innovative research and development.

Plasson fittings have proved to be the most reliable connection systems for polyethylene pipeline systems in Australian conditions for over 40 years.

Plasson delivers state-of-art products to a variety of industries including irrigation, rural, water utilities, plumbing, mining and gas distribution.

Why Choose Plasson?

  • Same reliable design for over 40 years
  • Hand tight assembly for most sizes: No wrenches – No hassles – No leaks
  • Captive O-Ring for ease of installation & cannot be lost during assembly or reuse
  • Largest fitting range
  • Vast range of adaptor and conversion kits
  • Extensive stock
  • Best logistics and stock systems


  • Rural to 2”
  • Metric to 160mm
  • Mechanical tapping saddles to 2” and 180mm
  • BSP threaded fitting to 4”
  • Valves to 4”
  • Electrofusion fittings systems and equipment to 1200mm
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