RAIMONDI | ROSINA Electric Grout Clean-up Machine

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Raimondi Rosina Electric Grout Clean-up Machine - Electrosponge for cleaning grout (cement based or epoxy resin) from floors: Terracotta, porcelain, double-fired and single-fired tiles, marble, clinker, phorphyry, natural stone, quarry tile, treaded tile, etc. during the grouting phase.

  • Does not pull grout from the joints. Suggested for medium and large surfaces
  • Performance: 100 sm/h for medium difficulty surfaces (800 - 1500 s.f. per hour in general).
  • Sponge rollers can last from 150 to 2000 square meters (1600 - 21000 s.f.).
  • Variable pressure wringer allows for manual adjustment of the water saturation level of the sponge.
  • Sponge roller pressure on the the floor is adjustable (for textured or treaded surfaces).
  • Water is fed to the roller via a foam reducing belt (no pump to clog up).
  • Folding, ergonomic handle with adjustable working angle. This handle also doubles as a storage stand when the machine is not in use.
  • Removable tank (16 litres).
  • Supplied with: sponge roller for cement based grout, user and maintenance manual.
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