SnakeProtex Extreme Prospecting Snake Protection Chaps - Medium

$179.95 inc GST

SnakeProtex Extreme Non-Metal Prospecting Snake Protection Chaps - Medium

The new and Improved non-metal, Snakeprotex EXTREME are here! These are hugely popular with prospectors and gold hunters, they will not interfere with your Gold Detector, as there is no metal componentry.

Code: SPXP-M

Full range of standard metal part inclusive sizes here: SNAKEPROTEX EXTREME

Sporting a range of fully adjustable features such as adjustable boot straps allowing for a better fit amongst a larger range of different boots, and adjustable top leg strap allowing for a firmer, closer and safer fit. Snakeprotex Extreme Prospecting Chaps are now more versatile than ever.

A new press tab installed to clip over the zipper provides better security stopping the zip from moving whilst walking, working or out having a lot of fun.

With its water repellent tendencies a higher denier external black fabric, the Snakeprotex Extreme Prospecting Gaitor now offers you even more protection from snake strikes while looking like everyday workwear and lasting the distance.


  • Non-Metal Construction
  • Adjustable Boot Strap
  • Clip over the zipper provides better security
  • Adjustable top leg strap
  • Approx. 450g per chap.
  • Available in size Medium - Please scroll down for a table of measurements


Snakeprotex® Snake Protection Chaps are a unique product designed from the outset to protect you from bites from Australian snakes. Australia is famous for being home to some of the most deadliest snakes in the world. This island continent is home to the Death Adder (with a name like that, what’s not to fear?), the Tiger Snake (‘Tiger snakes are born with a chip on their shoulders’, according to a South Australian farmer), the Black Snake family, the Mulga Snake (or King Brown, as it’s otherwise known), the Brown Snakes and the feared Coastal and Inland Taipans in the North and East.

Whilst there are a few exotic species which have stronger venom than the Australian natives, the real danger in the Australian snakes is just how common they are – even in inner city areas. Add to this the toxicity of their venom, their aggressive nature (the Tiger Snake in particular) and the fearsome Taipan’s 10-12mm (nearly half an inch!) fangs and the picture is clear: The danger for many Australian outdoor workers, hunters and leisure-seekers is clear, present and one that shouldn't be easily dismissed.

A tiny bite from any of these can kill an adult. Even worse, the bite from some of these snakes can feel like a scratch from a twig and go untreated - sometimes with tragic results. Enter Snakeprotex®. These Snake protective gaiters were conceived in Australia, developed and manufactured in New Zealand, then tested in Australia, on Australian snakes, to give the best snake bite protection to the wearer.

Snakeprotex® gives you confidence when you’re in the Australian outdoors, whether you are working, hunting, quad-riding, bike-riding or walking. All you need is a healthy respect for these ever-present reptiles, and to wear your Snakeprotex®.


The Snakeprotex gaiters must be worn over suitable trousers and boots and definitely should not be worn with low cut shoes. The zip fastens from the top to the bottom so gravity keeps it zipped. The garment should be worn with the zip on the outside of the leg. One horizontal fastening keeps the garment tight around the ankle. A strap under the boot keeps the garment in position vertically, stopping the garment from riding up the leg. The elastic strap has a very hard wearing cover. They’re built tough!

We cannot claim that the product is “snake-proof”. There are too many variables involved for us to claim this. Nor can we guarantee that a snake may not strike the body above the top of the garment, although it would be unlikely from most Australian snakes. It should be noted that even when wearing this prod­uct, common sense should still apply and the wearer should still avoid contact with any venomous species. Snakeprotex is designed to prevent a snake’s fangs penetrating through to the skin.



These garments are designed to help protect the wearer from snake bites. They are not a guarantee. Therefore the wearer should take all precautions to avoid being bitten by a snake. It is important that these garments are worn in conjunction with appropriate footwear that extends at least 5cm above the ankle bone. Correct Wearing Is Essential. The garment must be securely attached to the lower leg with the zip fastened at all times, and the strap under the arch of the boot. As with any personal safety item, regular checks should be carried out to ensure the garments are in good serviceable condition. Any defects or wear and tear that could jeopardise the performance of the garment should be repaired or the garments replaced immediately.

Any traces of venom on the garment should be denatured by spraying with methylated spirits. Untreated traces of venom, even if dry, should NEVER be touched without skin protection.


Code Size Length To fit leg circumference (Measured around calf muscle)
SPXP-M Medium 400mm Up to 470mm
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