ELKAY VH-72 Stone Impregnation - 1ltr

$29.00inc GST $38.00

VH-72 creates an invisible barrier on the applied area. It penetrates in depth and protects against dirt, dust, water, oil, fruit juice, wine, tea, coffee, ink stains. It prevents efflorescence and chalking. It protects the surface against atmospheric defects like humidity and frost. It generates easy clean effect from graffiti. It facilitates the daily maintenance and cleaning without detergents. It can be used on floor and facades made of marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, travertine, engineered stones, ceramic, terracotta, brick, concrete and aerated concrete.


  • Hydrophobic (Prevents water penetration).
  • Oleophobic (Prevents oil penetration).
  • Repels water, oil and liquids on absorbent surfaces.
  • Provides easy cleaning.
  • Blocks stains.
  • Prevents efflorescence, chalking, salt damage, freeze-thaw damage.
  • Prevents algae and moss formation.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Doesn't change the color of the surface.
  • Doesn't change the breathability of the surface.
  • Allows material to stay clean for many years, prevents it from degradation
  • When applied on concrete, it protects iron reinforcement from corrosion.
  • UV resistant, and non-yellowing
  • It can be used in residential and commercial environments, kitchens, bathrooms, and entertaining areas.
  • It offers a superior protective barrier on tender natural stones like lime stones, sand stones and similar stones.
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