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FLEX V/S Fillet Weld Grinder 152mm - 1200W LLK1503VR

$1,525.00 inc GST

FLEX V/S Fillet Weld Grinder is good for working in tricky and tight spots.
  • The fillet weld grinder for smooth transitions in tight spots
  • When weld seam and pipe belt sanders have reached their limits, then it is time for a fillet weld grinder
  • It's extremely narrow grinding head and flexible FLEX sanding discs can reach most any hard to get at weld seam
  • For the perfect surface finish on railings, pipe constructions, and other tight spots

Benefits of this Product:

  • Engine: high loads with high efficiency for high performance, endurance thanks to perfect cooling
  • VR full-wave electronics: with speed selection and control, soft start, overload protection
  • Infinitely adjustable speed for optimum processing of various materials
  • Slim sanding head: grinding and polishing in corners, easy to guide

Basic equipment included:

1 x Profiling stone
1 x FixTec clamp nut M 14
1 x Compact grinding disc 3mm soft
1 x Compact grinding disc 3 mm hard
1 x Compact grinding 6mm soft
1 x Compact grinding wheel 6 mm hard
1 x Transport case L-238 BOXX®
1 x Case insert


Max Disc Diameter 152mm
Tool Fixture M14
No load Speed 1,500 - 4,700rpm
Power Input 1200watt
Power Output 700watt
Cable Length 4m
Weight 3.4kg


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