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KeepCup's mission is to encourage the use of reusable cups. We do this by delivering sustainably made products

Since June 2009 over three million KeepCups have been sold, diverting billions of disposable cups from landfill. KeepCups are now sold in 32 countries around the world.

We think of ourselves as a campaign supported by a product, where the best reusable is the one you use.......'Ours just happens to be pretty awesome.Many small acts will make a phenomenal difference'.
Abigail Forsyth - CEO, KeepCup

'A movement happens when people talk to one another, when ideas spread within the community, and most of all, when peer support leads people to do what they always knew was the right thing'. Seth Godin, Tribes

"The KeepCup has been a labour of love so we are just thrilled that people have adopted and used the KeepCup and spread the word right around the world. Well done everyone!"


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