Managers Crazy Deals - Stabila - OX - Bricklayers Kit 1

$294.00inc GST $368.95

Managers Crazy Deals - Bricklayers Kit 1


1 x Stabila 1200mm Spirit Level

1 x OX Superior Blade - 14"/350mm

1 x Pair OX Nitrile Safety Gloves

One deal you cannot go past. The Legendary Stabila Level, coupled with the Diamond Saw Blade that not only meets, but exceeds every expectation.

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OX MPSS SUPERIOR SUPER FAST Segmented Turbo Diamond Blade, guaranteed to cut all masonry construction products. Excellent fast cut universal & hard materials. Reinforced flange. Cooling holes. Semi-transparent.

Applications include: granite, natural stone, clay products, engineering bricks, concrete products, all building materials. Wear will increase on abrasive materials. 15mm segment height. Not
recommended for steel - use MPS blade.

GUARANTEED to cut all construction products, except steel. (Use MPS Blade) Excellent fast cut universal & hard materials.

  • The original Professional "SUPERIOR" blade
  • Cooler cutting and semi-transparent in use
  • 15mm segment height
  • Reinforced centre plate for safety
  • Semi-silent vibration damped
  • SUPERFAST turbo technology
  • Applications: Granite, natural stone, clay products, engineering bricks, concrete products, all building materials except steel.
  • Recommended for Travertine



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