Gison Air Angle Grinder / Cutter GP-832L-5

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The GISON's GP-832L-5 5" Air Angle Grinder is ideal for metal dressing, rust removal, weld preparation, and automotive bodywork fabrication quickly and efficiently. It features a patented internal over speed control governor with a powerful 11000 RPM, 0.6 HP motor and Safety Lever.
  • Designed as a lightweight powerful tool for tough, tight, quarter cleaning jobs that require fast metal removal.
  • Aluminium alloy housing for lightweight and operator comfort.
  • Spiral bevel gearing in angle head provides extended angle head life and smooth low vibration.
  • Heavy-duty ball bearing construction for vibration free performance.
  • Compact design for ease of handling.
  • Auxiliary side handles for increased control.
  • Wheel guard for added safety.
  • Lever throttle for positive speed control and safe operation.

Side exhaust

Lever throttle
Product Code: GP-832L-5
Max Wheel Dia.: 125mm
Power: 0.60HP
Air Cons.: 0.65 m3/min
Max Speed: 12,000rpm
Spindle: M14
Weight: 1.86kg
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