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FLEX | Angle Grinder Universal 1400W - Variable Speed - 5" L3406VRG

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Powerful 1400 Watt variable speed Angle Grinder is small and agile. Great staying power, low gear ratio, plus speed selection with adjustment wheel for controlled acceleration to the required speed. It is a sensitive polisher on one hand, and a powerful sander in the mid-speed range, on the other hand. Ideal for surface finishing because of extremely flat attack angle and balanced weight distribution. With dust-protected on/off switch located below, safety catch and lock.

Powerful 1400 watt variable grinder/polisher
Medium speed range
Product Code: F-L3406VRG
Max Wheel dia.: 125mm
Flange Bore: 22.2mm
Free Speed: 2,100 - 7,500rpm
Power Input: 1400 watt
Power Output: 880 Watt
Spindle Size: M14
Weight: 2.2kg
Warranty: 12 months
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