AUSTSAW | Rotary Hacksaw Cutting Blade ***Limited Stock***

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103mm/4" - 20 Teeth

The next generation in saw cutting blade technology. Austsaw Rotary Hacksaw produces an incredibly high quality cut across a variety of materials with no burning, minimum sparks and no dust.

Designed to cut:

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Colorbond
  • Fibreglass
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Weather Board

Extreme Performance. 

The Austsaw Rotary Hacksaw Blade is made with hardened tempered body for clean, smooth cuts. Fast and smooth cutting action.

Titanium carbide teeth provide longer life when metal cutting, and a high-raised shoulder provides maximum strength behind each tip for extreme cutting performance!

For use with Circular Saws, Electric Mitre Saws and Portable Saws.

  • NO Heat, NO Burrs, NO dust with minimal sparks
  • Will not wear like abrasive wheels
  • Rotary hacksaw can be resharpened
  • Lubricant required when cutting Aluminium
  • The cutting width and depth is consistent
CODE Description Bore Teeth
RHS1031620 Austsaw - 103mm (4in) Rotary Hacksaw Blade 16mm 20
RHS11522220 Austsaw - 115mm (4.5in) Rotary Hacksaw Blade 22.2mm 20
RHS12522220 Austsaw - 125mm (5in) Rotary Hacksaw Blade 22.2mm 20
RHS135161030 Austsaw - 135mm (5.3in) Rotary Hacksaw Blade 20/16/10mm 30
RHS1602030 Austsaw - 160mm (6 1/4in) Rotary Hacksaw Blade 20mm 30
RHS185201660 Austsaw - 185mm (7in) Rotary Hacksaw Blade 20/16mm 60
RHS2102540 Austsaw - 210mm (8in) Rotary Hacksaw Blade 25mm 40
RHS2302560 Austsaw - 230mm (9in) Rotary Hacksaw Blade 25mm 60
RHS2502560 Austsaw - 250mm (10in) Rotary Hacksaw Blade 25.4mm 60
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