Black Diamond

BLACK DIAMOND | SPORT 2 Trekking Poles - Pair

$96.95 inc GST

BLACK DIAMOND | SPORT 2 Trekking Poles

Entry-level pole with double FlickLock adjustability for versatile trail use.


  • Rubber grip with rib pattern to reduce vibration
  • Rubber grip extension
  • Vari-width nylon webbing strap
  • Two-section aluminum shaft
  • Single FlickLock adjustability
  • Replaceable basic tip with fixed, low-profile Trekking Baskets


Series :  Trail
Weight Per Pair :  594 g (1 lb 5 oz)
Usable Length :  100-140 cm (40-55 in)
Collapsed Length :  80 cm (31.5 in)
5 out of 5 stars.

Great overall value

These are the first trekking poles I've ever owned and I am quite pleased. The locking mechanism holds them firmly in the set position, even when stumbling down a steep slope and putting more weight on them. (I'm 230). The grips feel good and the straps have that nice flat spot which allows you to rest the side of your palm in the strap. If your hike was a messy one, you can remove the lower half to clean it without hassle. They probably won't fit in your suitcase, but will fit in small car trunks. (I have a Miata) I don't have a point of reference to grade the shock-absorbtion, but I didn't receive any stiff feedback from the poles even when they landed on rocks. I'm happy.

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