Kaufmann Electric Rail Saw

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Kaufmann Electric Rail Saw for Tilers

For tile setters, marble and granite fabricators, artificial stone processors, garden figuration, paving stone contractors

- cutting length available up to 1830 mm (6 ft.)

- cutting height adjustable from 0 - 80 mm

- easily converted to diamond blades Ø 250 mm or Ø 300 mm

- solid aluminium and stainless steel construction

- easily transported with two carrying handles

- precise cut

- variable mitre cut from 0° - 45° with scale

- with universal cutting guide 300 mm, adjustable from 0° - 180°, can be

   mounted on 3 sides of the saw

- with stand

- 5 years warranty, CE approved

Product Code: Motor Size: Cut Thickness: Cut Length:
K-93-220-04 2.2kw 0 - 80mm 850mm
K-93-220-06 2.2kw 0 - 80mm 1,300mm
K-93-221-08 2.2kw 0 - 80mm 1,500mm
K-93-220-09 2.2kw 0 - 80mm 1,830mm


With versatility and durability in mind, the Kaufmann Electric Rail Saw is a necessary tool for anyone looking to create a beautiful yard. This saw was made to cut through the hardest of rocks; marble, granite, artificial stone. Whether you are a contractor making tile floors/walkways or a true artist sculpting stone, the Electric Rail Saw is prepared for any job you have in store for it.

The table can be adjusted to saw through stone 1,830mm long and 80mm high. The variable mitre cut can reach 45 degrees, and the 300mm universal cutting guide can pivot a full 180 degrees for quick and precise cuts. Adjustability is key with this stone saw, for you can even change the diamond blades from Ø 250 mm to Ø 300 mm. No job will be too big or small for this classic tool.

Apart from its diversity, the Electric Rail Saw also has portability in mind for contractors. With two handles on each side, two people can easily transport the saw from job to job. Made from light-weight aluminium and polished stainless steel, it will happily bear any weather Mother Earth throws at it. Even if by some chance the Electric Rail Saw breaks on you, we are including a 5 year warranty to guarantee you get the most work out of this stone saw.



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