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LIGHT MY FIRE of Sweden | MealKit 2.0 - Orange

$50.95 inc GST

LIGHT MY FIRE of Sweden™  |  MealKit 2.0™ 

Design by Joachim Nordwall

All you need to prepare and eat a meal when out and about.

Perfect for your backpack, boat, bike or picnic basket.


1. Lid/plate, designed with round corners to allow you to Spork up every little bit. 2.Bowl/plate with Spork holder. 3.Spork original (spoon-fork-knife combo). 4.Pack-up-Cup with lid, collapsible and measuring lines. 5.Combined strainer and cutting board. 6.SnapBox original, waterproof and measuring lines. 7.SnapBox oval, waterproof and measuring lines. 8.Harness to keep everything tight inside. Features: Easy to clean, taste-free material, stain- taste and odor resistant, BPA- free, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, floats, stackable.

MealKit2.0LightMyFire of Sweden lifestyle image rice in a bowl


  • 1. Lid/plate (500 ml).
  • 2. Plate/bowl (900 ml). 
  • 3. SnapBox original, waterproof (170 ml).
  • 4. SnapBox oval, waterproof (320 ml).
  • 5. Pack-up-Cup with measuring lines (260 ml).
  • 6. Combined strainer and cutting board.
  • 7. Spork original.
  • 8. Harness.

PP- polypropolene, Spork made of Tritan, Harness made of TPE.

Actual size: 194x194x61mm   Weight: 384g

  • Microwave safe.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Float

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Most equipment has traditionally been plain and drab brown, black and green, Realizing there was a lot more potential in the outdoor field for fun and useful equipment, LIGHT MY FIRE,with the help of the legendary brand specialist Claes Andréasson (Absolut Vodka) and the successful copywriter Steve Strid turned their ideas into a brand concept. From then on, premium-quality outdoor products, designed with a smile and a whole palette of colour, were our business.

Made in Sweden...

Winters are long and summers are quite often chilly in Sweden. And yet, the Swedes love spending time outdoors, in the woods, on the beach, in the mountains. Blessed with a country that isn't just breathtakingly beautiful and varied, it's also open to everybody. This makes the Swedes very aware of nature - and the environment - from an early age.

Swedish design has always been known for quality combined with functionality. At Light My Fire they're doing their very best to continue this tradition and develop new exciting products that let you make the most of the outdoors, whether you're in the city or far from civilization.

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