Magswitch MagWheel Magnets

$204.90 inc GST

The Magswitch MagWheel offers powerful connection for drive units on any ferrous surface, enabling flat, vertical or inverse travel. Applications include positioning and guiding, sheet feeding, pipe handling, fitting and fabrication and numerous OEM automation and fixturing applications. MagWheel can be fitted with drive units for mobile applications. This tool results in efficiency, new applications and productive solutions. Underneath the patented MagWheel design is the highly functional AR Housing. Through clever innovation of the original Magswitch, the MagWheel provides all the features of a standard Magswitch on the move. The magnetic flux path through the wheels means climbing, carrying and driving anywhere above or below a magnetic surface is now a reliable, fail-safe reality.


  • Positioning and guiding
  • Sheet feeding
  • Pipe handling
  • Fitting and fabrication
  • OEM automation and fixturing applications


Model 95 150 600 1000
Magnet Strength 17kg 29kg 133kg 239kg
Height 55.7mm 71.2mm 121.7mm 164.4mm
Width 41mm 52mm 92mm 127mm
Length 56.2mm 69.2mm 101.1mm 180.4mm
Weight 0.3kg 1.0kg 3kg 9kg


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