RAIMONDI | BERTA Electric Grout Clean-up Machine

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The BERTA works great for cleaning all grouts from tile and stone surfaces (sanded, un-sanded and epoxy based grout). Great for medium to large areas. Clean up to 100m2 per hour. This machine leaves all the joints evenly full and cleans the surface with one pass. With this machine you will use 1/3 less water on the jobsite, saving you trip after trip for fresh water, leaving more time for production. The BERTA is built with the highest quality materials available.


  • 0.16HP Electric
  • Dual Speed - 21 & 25rpm
  • MotorElectrosponge for cleaning cement & Epoxy based grout
  • Does not pull grout from floor joints
  • Adjustable pressure to sponge roller
  • Water feed via foam reducing belt (no water pump)
  • Sponges can last from 150m2 to 2000m2(depending on tile grout)
  • Weight: 29kg Dry


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