RAIMONDI | CM180A Automatic Electric Tile Cutter

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Raimondi CM180A Automatic Tile Cutter


For cutting, cutting and bevelling in a single operation, 45° mitres, 1/2 bull-nose, grooves (for safety treads) in porcelain, marble, granite, single and double fired.
  • Automatic Cutting
  • Made in Italy
  • Power - 3HP
  • Maximum length of cut 1500mm.
  • Maximum thickness of cut: 120mm.
  • Simultaneous Cut & Bevel
  • Bullnosing
  • Channel Cut (Anti-slip)
  • Multi-disc
  • Precise adjustability of cutting depth via micro-metric lifting/lowering device.
  • Automatic cutting process
  • Maximum disc Ø 360mm.
  • Blade cooling via non-submersible heavy duty exterior pump and multiple water jets.
  • Super Heavy Duty water pump
  • Plastic water tray
  • Motor assembly with automatic feed (5 speeds).
  • Sliding motor assembly with 4 adjustable PVC rollers (with bearings).
  • Tilting motor group for performing mitre cuts from 0° to 47°.
  • Detachable stand with adjustable feet.
  • Rust proof: coated steel + Electrophoresis.
  • Supplied with: extension bench with square, counter-square, key kit, dressing stone, user and maintenance manual.
  • Weight: 450kg


Code Power Blade Diameter Bore Size Cutting Thickness Max Thickness Length of Cut Diagonal Cut
RAI-CM180A 3hp 14"/360mm 30mm 120mm 120mm 1800mm 1250 x 1250mm



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