ROTABROACH Magnetic Swarf Stick

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Rotabroach Magnetic Swarf Stick



  • The Rotabroach ‘Swarf Stick’ helps keep your work place tidy. This hand held lightweight tool helps attract ferrous metal chippings and swarf to the stick which can easily be removed from the work area.
  • To operate simply push in the handle and place the tool over the metal chippings and swarf. The stick will attract the waste to itself, holding them until you withdraw the handle.

ROTABROACH - the Original Name for Hole Cutting Systems

Rotabroach products have been developed through years of experience and engineering capabilities. Our products are all specifically designed for Rotabroach with robustness, quality and value for money in mind. All of our products are rigorously tested on a regular basis against both our own standards and competitor products to ensure we are leading the way with our comprehensive product range.

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