Starmix® Dust Vacuum/Extractor (Wet/Dry) 32L - With Accessories GS A-1232

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INTEX Starmix® Vacuums/Dust Extractor (Wet/Dry) 32L - With Accessories 

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Safer, cleaner, faster, smarter and more durable than ever: the Intex Starmix® Dust Extractor takes fine dust extraction technology to a new level with its flawless performance and proven German quality.
While keeping many benefits of the extensive Intex Starmix® Dust Extractor range, this extremely powerful wet and dry GS series Dust Extractor is specially formulated for fine dust. Furthermore its precisely co-ordinated, through operation and electronics, to work with the Intex Giraffe® Sander. Designed to effectively and safely extract the volumes of dust generated by the Intex Giraffe® while in operation, the pair form an unbeatable team.

Main Filter - Pleated Polyester.
Pioneering filter technology:
- Designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest wet and dry conditions and intercept the toughest materials, the Intex Starmix® filters feature tried-and-trusted technology that has set the standard, both in performance and long service life.
- The huge pleated polyester filter cartridge, with up to 7,200cm² of filter surface and the optimised filter material ensures optimum dust retention - 99.995%!
- The filter is specially designed for fine dust filtration, operating within the bag-less canister using only a pre-filter sack. This eliminates the need for disposable dust bags, a huge cost saving and efficiency benefit.
- The filter system intercepts all dust material, even health-harmful substances; this provides even more safety during dry and wet operations. HEPA filters are also available for use in hazardous dust applications, such as lead based paint removal.

Modern Durable Housing.
The unit combines high performance and ultimate durability with a modern housing design and improved ergonomics. The impact-resistant plastic housing is tough, light and easy to clean. Stainless Steel canisters are also available.

Stable Design.
The compact shape makes it easier to handle and move, while the low centre of gravity makes the dust extractor very stable.

Huge Capacity.
Despite its small dimensions, the capacity remains unchanged!
30 or 32 litre capacity canisters are available.

Bag-less Canister.
The bag-less canister is easily detached for cleaning and material removal. This unique bag-less feature means super fast operation, eliminating downtime and making disposable dust bags redundant.

Fine Dust Pre-Filter Sack.
Bag-less Operation!
The fine dust pre-filter sack is positioned in the bag-less canister unit. This makes disposable dust bags redundant, eliminating downtime and unnecessary cost. Whatever the task the bag-less feature provides safe and thorough inhaling of all sharp, course and fine materials.

Practical Storage.
Holders keep the hose and accessories tidy for storage and close at hand during operation.

Super Suction Power.
The super powerful suction (61 litres/sec - 248mbar) ensures thorough extraction of all dust generated. Designed to run continually, day in and day out - motor runtime is second to none.

Innovative suction connection.
The Suction Hose Connection features a lock mechanism ensuring the hose is held secure when fastened. No twisting or accidental loosening during operation will detach the suction hose. The rotation lock is designed with a tool-less quick release feature making connection and detachment quick and easy.


  • Sound pressure level dB(A)........................................ 68.5
  • 6Amp rated motor

CAPACITY 220-240V ~ 50/60 Hz 1200W 32 L 220-240V ~ 50/60 Hz 1200W 32 L
WEIGHT 11.1 -13.7


  • Intex Starmix® GS Series Wet/Dry Dust Extractor - Plastic 32L
  • Intex Starmix® Fine Dust Pre-Filter Sack
  • Intex Starmix® Pleated Polyester Main Filter - 7200cm2
  • AS901007 Intex Starmix® Dust Extractor Accessory Kit - 6 Piece
  • Intex Starmix® GS Series Wet/Dry Dust Extractor Instruction Manual


Intex Starmix® Dust Extractor Dust Bags
Intex Starmix® Dust Extractor HEPA filter




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