Great service
"Thank you great seller"
nathan h.
United Stonemasons Engineered Stone Diamond Blade
"Works like a dream, carves through sandstone with ease."
Phillip T.
Oasis Drink Bottle Accessory - Pour through stopper
"Excellent product, delivered on schedule & supported by excellent service."
Barry E.
Raimondi - Italian Quality
"Stone X have great stock levels, this Italian Liquid Paddle is an example."
stewart m.
Excellent service
"Haven’t used it yet but will be good "
Don P.
Raimondi clips
"Excellent all round service. Great price, very quick delivery. Recommend to anyone in the trades"
Nick R.
"Could cut through thick branches"
craig p.
Great product just what I
"Great product just what I wanted !👍"
Vu T.
"Great Product. As hardy as other Eastwing hammers, although the handle would likely not last as long as its rubber counterpart. "
Phillip S.
Love this tile brush
"Love this tile brush. Makes cleaning the grout lines so easy. Would recommend to all. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟"
Jody M.
Uuni Wood Fire Pizza Oven
"Great pizza oven. Easy to set up and use. Makes great pizzas and puts on a good show for the guests. Quick to heat up and cooks your pizza in around 1 minute."
Darren S.
Raimondi RLS Levelling System
"Fantastic system for floor tiling. Granted, professional tilers may not need them, but for DIY people, perfect for getting a professional finish."
Steve A.
My concrete bench tops were a hit!
"Amazing! These polishing pads allowed me to polish up my custom made concrete bench tops beautifully. Stoked as it was my first attempt at creating a polished concrete product."
Cole R.
UVEX safety glasses
"I found the safety glasses very comfortable to wear and I wear them all day in my duties and enjoy the protection of them "
stuart t.
Gison Wet Air Polisher GPW-211
"Excellent Thank You "
Sandra G.
"Excellent. This is the second lot I have used and for my ornamental lathe they are very good"
Brian K.
oasis drink bottle 350ml
"brillant just what the husband wanted. "
kerry e.
"Very good, reason rpm drops down to the speed it needs to be. 9/10"
Rino T.
Believe the Hype
"Late to join the uuni craze, I had heard great things. All of them are true. Hot, very hot, get ready for your pizza because it will be ready in 90 seconds MAX! Easy to use, as long as your common sense prevails, you will enjoy wood fired pizza like a pro but without the cost or years of skill normally needed. Then try to not tell your friends. Bet you can't - This is the greatest!"
Sam C.
Yeah noice
"The weight at the top of the blade gave it extra power when ever I'd swing it making it really effective."
Billy A.
Uuni Pro Pizza peel
"Fantastic product. Worked very well. "
Nathan H.
Uuni Pro Pizza oven
"I have read alot about the Uuni pro and finally decided to buy one. Was certainly not dissapointed. The uuni pro is one of the best pizza oven I have ever used. It really did cook a pizza in 60 seconds and was the real authentic wood fired taste. I love my uuni pro and can't wait to entertain more with it. "
Nathan H.
Brilliant tool for cleaning grout
"I received the item quickly and was very keen to use as the grout in my tiles was looking terrible. The brush was easy to use, amazing results. My mum now wants one."
Paula M.
Great backing pad!
"Really great quality, it’ll last a lifetime and much better than the plastic versions in my opinion. I mounted it on a crappy old polisher from Supercheap Auto and it worked a charm. Cheers Stonex! "
Douglas K.
My Dad loves it!
"Bought this for my dad for Father’s Day - he absolutely loves it! The ceramic inside provides no metallic taste and the huge size of the cup means he can make one cup of tea that stays hot and lasts him all day :) "
Candice G.
Garrett pan kit
"Excellent kit! I saw surprised how well the ridges in the pan hold onto any gold and heavy grit. There is no way you are losing your gold! Highly recommend this kit!!"
Saxon B.
It looks very strong and durable
Cacoon Bonsai
"Quick delivery and easy to assemble. A perfect size - our son loves his new Cacoon!"
Petra P.
Chinagraph pencil purchase
"The chinagraph pencils were delivered promptly, even though it was a very small order. Thank you. They work very well on surfaces that can't afford to be scratched."
Trevor W.
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