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  • Polished Concrete Benchtops?

    Posted: Jan 25 2019

      How about concrete a benchtop?Making benchtops from concrete? Yes, sounds a little strange to some maybe. Not the kind of material that you would think of when selecting a benchtop. Hey but it's a great choice! It's durable, reasonably cheap and quite easy to make, plus, it looks great when finished! There's just no limit to your creativityFirstly, you'll need to make a mould for the concrete. Melamine boards or chipboards with a very smooth finish would be ideal to use to construct the mould. The mould can be in any shape or size, but keep in mind that the weight of the finished piece has got to be light enough for two people to carry. So, it is best to limit each section to a weight that two people can lift comfortably, but don’t make the mistake of making it too thin.For rounded corners used a piece of flexible Perspex...

  • 8 Things You Need To Know About WELDBrush®

    Posted: Dec 12 2018

    WeldBrush Pty Ltd, originally known as Kezza Products, and are the Inventors of the Conductive Brush. Commercial speed for Cleaning, Polishing, and Electro-passivation of Stainless Steel welds and surfaces are now made possible by Australian inventiveness. WeldBrush has revolutionised the art of stainless steel fabrication throughout the world. WeldBrush® maintains a consistent programme of innovation and product development. This can be seen through every element of the product, from its world-class electronic circuitry to its rugged hardware and construction, right through its broad range of consumables. WeldBrush® cleans welds from not just for TIG weld, but also MIG weld. WeldBrush® cleans and polishes Brass, Copper and Bronze; and etched prints for both Stainless Steel and Aluminium surfaces. Come visit us at NMW 2017 as we will be demonstrating the many features and advantages of the WeldBrush® system. So, take the opportunity and come see us at our Stand Number 1430. The...

  • Are you equipped? Seriously equipped?

    Posted: May 01 2017

    Wow! It’s May - the last month of Autumn and the rain is becoming more regular. The cold winter will soon follow. Are you equipped?It’s an absolute mayhem for builders and homeowners alike. Rain can halt construction or renovation completely, depending on the type of project that you are working on. Delays often result in loss of revenue and increased expenditures. Erecting a temporary shelter over your site can keep the work flowing smoothly, but most importantly, reliable tools, on- time supplies and services are critical. Suppliers to the trade must be mindful of the different seasons and any problems that it can bring. You wouldn’t want to be stranded because your tools let you down like: losing your head over a claw hammer sucking up to leaking gumboots trowel trouble,  bending shovel or, just waiting for your order to arrive. It will be a nightmare and will bring your...

  • WELDBRUSH and the future of Electro Polishing

    Posted: Jan 31 2017

    Keztek: Electro-Polishing WELDBrush and the future of Electro Polishing in Australia. For years the only way to remove unsightly weld marks was a slow and cumbersome process that involved dangerous and costly chemicals and a lot of man hours and risk. It’s the sort of job no one wants to do, it’s slow, repetitive and the chemicals given of by the pickle paste (hydrofluoric and nitric acid combination that removes unsightly join marks between welds) are poisons to breathe in and cause serious burns if the paste hits the skin of the body This also has bad effects on clothing and PPE if the operator is actually minded to comply and use correctly. Due to this fact asthmatics can’t work with the paste and it’s recommended that it only be worked with when under the protection of a full body protection suit as the acid does not wash from the...

  • DTG Drop Turbo Blade and Barracuda Blade

    Posted: Feb 03 2014

      USING THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE MATERIAL.... Natural Stone has been used in landscaping for as long as civilization itself, resulting in some spectacular results across many cultures.   The Sphinx, Egypt.    The Taj Mahal, India.    Stonehenge, Great Britain.   As with ancient times, your project is only limited to your imagination, however we do not have many years and almost unlimited manpower to complete projects, and this brings into question the quality of tools used on projects today.   Giant zipper pool edging, China.    Garden Studio with pebble path.    Path with water channel.   Poolside, holiday resort.   As we know, different materials require different tools to cut them and Stonex has developed two extremely popular blades to achieve this.   One of the hardest natural materials to cut is granite and the DTG Drop Turbo Blade has been developed by our team of...

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