Flex Overview

In 1922, Hermann Ackermann and Hermann Schmitt starts a company in Stuttgart, Germany, to produce and sell their new invention; a Hand-held grinding machine featuring an electric motor that drove a flexible shaft. This feature was the inspiration for the tools new name – Flex.

In the late 1920’s, the company’s engineers successfully replaced the flexible shaft with a set of angled gears, creating the worlds first angle grinder! The success of this product was so widespread that “Flex” became synonymous with “Angle Grinder”.

In 1996 the company officially changed its name from Ackermann + Schmitt to Flex. In 1997 they produced the first long neck sander for ceiling and walls – the Giraffe.

Flex tools today are primarily geared toward the Stone, Automotive and Metal Finishing Industries. Their specialist tools are developed in coordination with industry professionals to provide the highest quality solutions and deliver complete customer satisfaction – as their slogan states, “quality tools from professionals for professionals”

The company continuously implements innovative measures that focus on optimising the handling of each tool, increasing the overall comfort and productivity of the end user, and maximising the tools lifespan and performance.

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