S'well was launched in 2010 with a massive mission to rid the world of plastic bottles to reduce landfill and the effects on the environment. Well why not? They pride themselves on creating modern, fashionable water bottle designs while ensuring functionality in brilliant arty insulation to keep your drinks both hot and cold. (Very Hot and Very Cold)

Made from double walled stainless steel instead of aluminium, for starters this ensures there is not a metallic taste when drinking and is highly durable with strong insulation properties. The wide mouth allows you to place icecubes inside and the strong sealing lid ensures that your drink is able to stay hot or cold for many many hours.

Sold in over 35 countries, S'well has established itself as an iconic brand that cares for both the environment and making the world a better place. It is involved with charitable organisations like UNICEF to improve safe water access and sanitation in schools and communities across the globe as well as the forest restoration charity, American Forests.

Finally, stylish insulated drink bottles for on the go or in the office.

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