AMI | Professional Contractors Spirit Level - Heavy Duty

$69.00 inc GST

AMI Levels Made in Australia for Professional Contractors and Builders. Powder Coated Yellow for easy identification on-site. Tough, dependable heavy duty Spirit Level designed perfectly for the rigorous nature of Australian Work-sites.
  • Made in Australia - The only Australian made level
  • Guaranteed to be the strongest Level in the world
  • Precision milled working surface
  • 2 x UV Resistant Vials - 400mm
  • 3 x UV Resistant Vials - 600mm - 2000mm
  • Magnified FLUORO Centre Vial
  • Vials set in epoxy resin
  • Lifetime Guarantee


Product Code: Size: No. of Vials
AMI-040-CO 400mm 2 Vials
AMI-060-CO 600mm 3 Vials
AMI-080-CO 800mm 3 Vials
AMI-090-CO 900mm 3 Vials
AMI-100-CO 1000mm 3 Vials
AMI-120-CO 1200mm 3 Vials
AMI-200-CO 2000mm 3 Vials


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