Burgon & Ball

BURGON & BALL | Topiary Garden Trimming Shears - Small

$62.95 inc GST

BURGON & BALL | Topiary Trimming Shears - Small

A compact shear particularly suited to gardeners with smaller hands.

Small blades ideal for trimming small topiary plants, or for particularly precise work.

With Racing Green handles.

Blade length 9.5cm. Overall length 25 cm

About Burgon & Ball Topiary Trimming Shears:

Burgon & Ball Shears are the most effective tool for trimming topiary, cutting through soft foliage and wet material.

Burgon & Ball's Shears outperform any other:

• Stay sharper for longer.
• Can be re-sharpened more quickly and easily.
• Made from Sheffield steel - formulated especially for Burgon & Ball.
• The only shears manufactured in England.


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