EuroPRO | Tile-Level Lippage System - Wedge Only

$25.00 inc GST

High strength reusable poly wedge.

This product is used in conjunction with the EuroPRO Tile-Level System - spacer clip.

**Interchangeable with most clip and wedge type, Level Systems**

Advantages of the EuroPRO Tile-Level System:

  • Create the perfect flawless finish to your tiling!
  • Install your tiles, quickly and professionally
  • Strong flexible material
  • Prevents uneven tiles and lippage
  • Locks in tiles to prevent slumping during the drying phase
  • Used by both professional tradespeople and DIY
  • Easy removal once the tiles are dry
  • Once the spacer is removed there is no material left behind between the joints as on inferior systems.
  • Interchangeable with other mainstream clip and wedge systems
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