Stonex Diamond Flap Disc - 100mm/4" - M14

$40.00 inc GST

Stonex Diamond Flap Disc - 100mm/4" - M14
  • Aluminium backer

  • Electroplated diamond grinding discs is newly developed with rigid layer. Low noise and low vibration due to absorption provided by rigid backer 

  • It is very aggressive for removing/honing of materials 

  • Application: granite, marble, concrete, glass, ceramic, porcelain and other types of hard surfaces

  • Substantially efficient for concrete floor edge grinding/polishing

  • Used wet or dry, wet preferred/recommended for extended life


The Stonex Diamond Flap Disc Cup Wheel is an outstanding aluminium backed diamond cup wheel for light shaping and polishing process on granite, marble, engineered stone, quartzite, ceramic, porcelain, and other materials.

Our Stonex Diamond Flap Discs are packed full of diamonds. As the diamonds wear, the layer of diamonds under the top layer become exposed creating a brand new layer of diamonds for continued shaping and polishing.

The Stonex Diamond Flap Cup Wheel can be used wet or dry on many materials including Granite, Marble, and Quartzite.

We recommend using the Diamond Flap Cup Wheel wet on Porcelain, Ceramic, Engineered Stone, as well as natural stone when ever possible.

What is the best way to hone polished granite? What should be used to take a polish off of granite or engineered stone in preparation for creating a brushed, leather finish?
Flap Diamond Disc Cup wheels work exceptionally well to achieve a honed finish.
4 different grits: 60,120,200,400 will produce 4 different finishes, depending on the type of work and hone needing to be had.

The perfectly balanced aluminum backing doesn't bounce or vibrate.

Available Grits:

  • 60 grit
  • 120 grit
  • 240 grit
  • 400 grit
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