EASYSTRAP™ | Trunk'N Hatch Kit

$113.95 inc GST

EASYSTRAP™ | Trunk'N Hatch Kit

Easily secure your car boot or strap up bulky/long loads. The combination of easy-c vacuum suction mount and easy-s Tie-down Strap does the work. 

The easy-c snaps in place for a secure hold on all smooth surfaces and the easy-s is a heavy duty buckle strap with sturdy hooks. The buckle is made of solid plastic covered metal coated with a thick neoprene mount at the end of the strap.

Whether it's a bicycle, boxes or any other item that keeps your trunk open, the Trunk'n hatch kit will securely strap it securely.

The kit includes:

  • 1x easy-s 6.6 ft tie-down strap
  • 1x easy-c vacuum suction mount
  • 1x hooks
  • 1x cleaning cloth
  • 1x storage bag with reflective stripes
  • 1x manual



It's a roof rack, a trunk lock, a strap to secure your chairs on the caravan - The easystrap™ system is all rolled in one.  

- Increases traffic safety
- Optimizes fuel economy – saves money
- Can be moved around between different cars, boats, caravans and trailers
- Easy to operate – no tools necessary
- Easy to clean, just give it a shower
- HHigh-QualityDanish design, made in Denmark



easystrap - An easy concept

EasyStrap is a revolutionary product, designed to fit on virtually all cars, vans, boats, caravans, mobile homes or whatever else you want to attach objects to. Just place the suction mount on a clean, dry smooth surface, and engage the handle. Now you can attach the straps. Simple and effective with endless possibilities!

Easystrap has been tested on the mentioned applications in various weather conditions including frost, heat, rain and snow.

easystrap™ was founded in the summer of 2012 by Danish entrepreneurs, who conjured up the idea to make transportation of long items easy, fast and light.

Easystrap™ utilises the unique "vacuum technology" combined with a universal multifunctional locking system. A concept that was never thought of before.

2 years after the product was introduced into the Danish market in 2014, through well-known dealers just as PEUGEOT, SILVAN, XL, BILKA, WUPTI.com and more, Easystrap is already expanding into new markets, like Sweden, Germany, Australia and Thailand.

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