ESTWING | DEADHEAD Rubber Mallet - Light Grey Head

$38.95 inc GST

ESTWING DEADHEAD Rubber Mallet comes with a hickory (Carya) handle to create an all-around, premium quality tool. The hickory handle is extremely hard, dense and shock resistant, while the rubber head offers sturdy control, accurate strikes and great results. This rubber mallet is also bounce resistant, the perfect tool for safely smoothing while protecting your finishing surfaces.
  • Genuine hickory handle
  • Bounce resistance
  • Non-marking
  • Available in 2 sizes
    1. DH-12N: Weight: 12oz / 336g- Length: 13" / 330mm
    2. DH-18N: Weight: 18oz / 368g - Length: 14.5" / 368mm


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