ESTWING | FIRESIDE FRIEND Splitting Tool with Sheath - N.V.S.R Grip

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The ESTWING FIRESIDE FRIEND Splitting Tool is two tools in one, on one end it's an axe and the other, a sledgehammer that will further assists with splitting wood. This wood-cutting tool is made of solid tempered steel, with a double-tempered head, and is forged in one piece. The axe splits logs along the grain. It boasts a reknown moulded and bonded nylon-vinyl grip that reduces shock for comfortable and effective chopping. The handle length and weight offer leverage and power for easy wood splitting.
  • One side used as a splitting tool the other side can be used as a club hammer
  • Ideal for camping; splitting wood and bashing in tent pegs
  • One piece drop forged steel
  • Blue Nylon Sheath inc.

Code: E3-FF4

Cutting edge: 2 3/8" / 60mm

Overall Length: 14" / 356mm



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