GARRETT | Gold Prospecting Edge Digger Trowel

$80.50 inc GST

GARRETT | Edge Digger Trowel - GMD-1626200

This unique trowel shaped digger has a serrated edge for improved digging capabilities. Rugged and reliable, this digger will help expose your treasure targets quickly. Ideal for use in forests, streams, fields and beaches.


  • Made from Strong Carbon Steel
  • Serrated edge blade is rugged enough to chop through small roots
  • Trowel shape perfect for digging in all ground types
  • Non-slip blade guard
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Handy pouch with belt loop for easy carry  


Begun in Texas, USA in 1964, by Charles Garrett, Garrett Metal Detectors focused on making the best metal detectors and prospecting equipment while selling at a fair and reasonable cost. After 50 years in business, Garrett remains one of the most respected brands in hobby prospecting and security metal detection today

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