GROWLERWERKS uKeg64 Wooden Carry Case

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GROWLERWERKS | uKeg Wooden Carry Case

The REAL way to transport your new uKeg Growler...

Suits the 64oz's

Happy uKegging!



If you're like us, most of your favorite microbrews aren't sold in bottleshops. GrowlerWerks was created by local Americans who wanted to share our love of craft beer. We've drawn on a combined massive 47 years of engineering and product-design experience to conceive a better way to store beer. With a GrowlerWerks growler uKeg your beer will always taste exactly how the brewmaster intended it to.

Our mission at GrowlerWerks is to make a growler that works. After testing all the options available, we realized that nobody had cracked the code on a pressurized growler that works. So we designed the uKeg....and the rest is history.

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