IZIPIZI PARIS Sun Baby Sunglasses - Sky Blue (0-12 MONTHS)

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IZIPIZI PARIS | Sun Baby - Sky Blue (0-12 MONTHS)

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Sun Baby Izipizi sun Glasses

SUN BABY: Lightweight baby/toddler sunglasses with anti-reflective, polarized lenses. Protection UV 100% category 3.   0-12 Months

With flexible hinges, soft touch and 100% UV protection, these glasses are guaranteed to keep your kids cool.

IZIPIZI Kids sunglasses are trendy, innovative and colourful. With sun protective category 3 lenses, frames are available in a range of colours and include a removable silicone strap. 

  • For kids 0-12 months old. 
  • Removable silicone cord with satin finish. 
  • 100% UV - Category 3. 
  • Polarized lenses anti-reflective.
  • Dimensions: 11 x 3.9 x 11cm arm length
  • Packaged in a card gift box with pouch.


The morphology of babies is distinguished most notably by a flat face, protruding cheeks, as well as a small nasal bridge. What’s more, babies are often looking up. That’s why suitable frames should be chosen.

With particular concern to babies, the lens of a baby’s eye is permeable to UVA and doesn’t become impermeable until adulthood. Therefore it’s necessary to protect babies’ retinas with sun filters.


The damage caused in childhood is cumulative and predisposes adults to pathologies.

On top of that, special attention must be paid to glare: if children still learning to walk are blinded by the sun, they may lose their balance and injure themselves.


IZIPIZI Baby & Kids glasses have an ultra-resistant, soft frame with a “baby” bridge, and their straight arms allow them to follow the baby’s growth. They are BPA-free and hypoallergenic.

The lenses are polarized and category 3. In addition, an ultra-flexible, resistant and adjustable silicone band ensures you won’t lose them. They help protect our little one’s eyes, from 0 to 12 months for Baby and 12 to 36 months for Kids.


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