KEENE | Gold Prospecting Concentrating Bowl

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KEENE | Gold Concentrating Bowl

Recover your fine gold quickly and easily from water flow from a water pump, battery powered pump or a simple garden hose!

This spiffy bowl uses only 3 gallons of water per minute and has no parts to wear out or replace!

Made of high impact plastic and so easy to set up on its folding legs that its ideal for taking out in the field.

KEENE Original Blue Bowl Gold Concentrating bowl is the
ideal aid for easy separation of gold from the concentrate
Measures 34/27 x 11 cm
With water connection
Easy to mount on plastic bin (not included)
Robust KEENE quality


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Since 1955, Keene has been the pioneer or prospecting and mining equipment. "Through trial and error, using ingenuity and innovation, we have brought to the market some of the finest and most effective tools on the market, period."

Since then they have reinvented tried and true techniques redesigned and redefined everything from the simple scoop to the most complex sluice box. "As long as there is gold out in them hills, we will be forging ahead to help you get at it."

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