MAGSWITCH | MagJig Woodworking Jig Clamp Magnets

$33.95 inc GST

MagJigs are ideal for downward pressure clamping and come with a ¾ inch stand-off for flush mount. Simply drill a hole in the fixturing material and place the clamp in. The MagJigs come with screw holes so you can secure the jig in the fixture. 


  • Use in your custom jigs and fixtures by drilling a suitable size hole using a Forstner drill bit into standard ¾” stock.
  • Drill as many holes as you want for as much strength and flexibility as you need by simply dropping in MagJigs. We recommend use of two per fixture to avoid pivot.
  • Create fences, assembly jigs, cutting fixtures, blade guards, work supports or anything that makes your work faster, safer and easier.
  • Excellent for woodworking, welding and fabrication.
  • Designed with screw holes to add more security in a fixture.
  • Holds flat and round surfaces of steel.
  • Magnet turns completely On and Off.
  • Magnet stays clean.
  • Does not use an electrical power source.


Model 60 95 150 235
Magnet Strength 27kg 31kg 60.5kg 106kg
Full Saturation Thickness 3.2mm 3.2mm 3.2mm 6mm
2:1 Shear Working Load 6kg 6kg 12.5kg 20kg
Height 49.1mm 46.6mm 52.1mm 78.3mm
Width 26.8mm 34mm 44mm 60mm
Length 39.5mm 57mm 67mm 88mm
Weight 0.1kg 0.1kg 0.2kg 0.5kg
Required hole size 25mm 30mm 40mm 56mm
Magnetic Pole Footprint 25 x 16mm 30 x 21mm 40 x 31mm 56 x 41.25mm




MagJig 60

MagJig 95

MagJig 150

MagJig 235

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