Magswitch MagMount Magnets

$134.95 inc GST

Introducing the new MagMount series, featuring 90° side-actuation handle leaving the top of the tool free for mounting a variety of accessories. Available in five sizes, each MagMount has multiple threaded holes on
the top for easy mounting of virtually any accessory.


  • Side actuation handle leaves the top of the tool free for mounting a variety of accessories
  • Easy mounting - Multiple threaded holes on the top


Model 150 235 300 400 600
Magnet Strength 68kg 106kg 136kg 182kg 272kg
Height 40mm 44.2mm 45mm 65mm 71mm
Width 58.8mm 68mm 51.5mm 82.5mm 104.4mm
Length 78.2mm 97.7mm 75mm 116mm 120mm
Weight 0.3kg 0.5kg 0.9kg 1.1kg 1.6kg


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