MAGSWITCH | MagSquare Workholding Fabrication Magnets

$96.95 inc GST

MagSquares – workholding and fixturing. The most versatile work-holding tool ever.
A must have tool for every welding professional.

Welders and fabricators are raving about the versatility, convenience and efficiency of Magswitch MagSquares — extremely powerful ON/OFF magnetic blocks with strong holding force available on all sides. Welders can now enjoy complete control over incredibly strong magnets (454 kg on the MagSquare 1000), which feature multi-plane work-holding capability in a design that can be positioned easily and precisely.

A 180° knob twist is the only action required to turn MagSquares on and off, making them superior to manual clamping in these areas and others. Once you’ve had a chance to experience the benefits of this technology first-hand, you’ll want the entire range!


  • Incredible strength
  • Fast, precise positioning
  • Machined at 90 degrees
  • Mounts anywhere – no limitations like clamps
  • Super fast set ups and instant workholding
  • Magnetic grip on 5 sides - Strong on 3 sides
  • Mounts to flat and pipe
  • Pre-tapped holes on all sides for mounting
  • Great for making your own fixtures
  • Turns completely off - stays clean!
  • Great for supporting guides and walls

MagSquares are also the ultimate fixturing tool. Incredibly flexible with mounting capabilities on four sides. Just a simple 180° turn of the knob and you are set up. Use stand alone, or mount fixturing aides to sides. Great for supporting guides and walls. Magnetic hold on three sides. Use non-ferrous materials in fixture attachments.


Model 165 400 600 1000
Magnet Strength 68kg 181kg 272kg 454kg
Full Saturation Thickness 6.35mm 6mm 10mm 13mm
2:1 Shear Working Load 8.4kg 18kg 27.66kg 67kg
Magnetic Pole Footprint 48 x 31mm 64 x 41.26mm 75 x 51.5mm 72 x 108mm
Height 63.3mm 90.7mm 104mm 146.6mm
Width 30.8mm 41.3mm 51.5mm 72mm
Length 48mm 64mm 75mm 108mm
Weight 0.3kg 0.9kg 1.4kg 3.6kg








Magsquare 165

Magsquare 400

Magsquare 600

Magsquare 1000

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