MAGSWITCH Pivot Angle 200 Workholding Fabrication Magnet

$369.95 inc GST

Magswitch Pivot Angle offers a range of angles from 22 to 270 degrees. Each axis features a Magswitch with a 91kg hold capability. A single pivot point is located on the elbow. The elbow joint locks and unlocks quickly with a lever.

The dial on the elbow features indicators every 9°. On each axis, a Magswitch is exposed on a side to enable the tool to secure to a table or wall, while simultaneously holding the work piece. Perfect for repetitive work on all angles.

Model Pivot Angle 200
Magnet Strength 97.5kg in 4.7mm Steel
2:1 Shear Working Load 21.7kg
Full Saturation Thickness 4.7mm
Height 240mm
Width 97.9mm
Length 230mm
Weight 1.6kg
Magnetic Pole Footprint 41.25 x 56mm





Pivot Angle 200

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