OX Trade Cross Shaped Tile Spacers

$4.95 inc GST

With OX Trade Cross Shaped Tile spacer, the mark of a professional tiling job is assured. OX cross shaped tile spacers are moulded in different widths and packaged in bags of 250pcs each.

OX spacers are very economical, allowing tiles to be laid evenly job after job.


  • Packet of 250pc
  • Perfect consistent spacing
  • Easy to use
Code Description Size (mm)
OX-T160902 OX Cross Shape Tile Spacers 2mm - Packet of 250 2
OX-T160903 OX Cross Shape Tile Spacers 3mm - Packet of 250 3
OX-T160905 OX Cross Shape Tile Spacers 5mm - Packet of 250 5


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