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ADW Aguila Polishing Powder - Potea Gris

$27.95 inc GST

The POTEA Gris - polishing powder for granite ts periodical use for maintenance of granite surfaces guarantees the preservation of the original natural shine. It is produced in three different colours (white – grey – black), adapted to the different colour tones of the granites. White for light granites Gray for dark granites Black for very dark / black granites

Product Code Size Colour Price $ea
ADW-PP-DGM 2kg Grey 28.00
ADW-PP-DGM20 20kg Grey 216.00


The surface has to be clean and dry. Do not dilute or mix with other products. Pour a little quantity of the product (approx. 20gr.x Over an area of about 2 sq.m. And add a little of water. Buff with the polishing machine fitted with a white pad and spread the paste over all the area to be treated. Gloss will appear while the paste is dissolved by buffing. If the mixture is getting dry, add a little of water to dissolve the product again. If the mixture is too liquid, use the other side of disc and buff again the surface, drying the liquid excess. Once the surface is dry and shiny, vacuum it and rinse with clean water

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