ProChoice DEXIFRO Cold Weather Nitrile Work Gloves - Pair

$5.95 inc GST

DEXIFRO Cold Weather Nitrile Work Gloves ProChoice

When winter calls for warm work gloves, the DexiFro answers! Cold weather is no match for these winter worker gloves. DexiFro Gloves are made from apparel grade nylon with a brushed acrylic liner to keep your hands warm while you work. The nitrile foam palm provides flex and dexterity while the nitrile dots speckled across the palm surface provide enhanced grip on wet and slippery winter surfaces.


  • 13 gauge blue nylon/lycra with brushed acrylic liner for exceptional warmth and comfort
  • Microporous surface offers great wet/dry gripping power
  • Nitrile dots for increased skidproof ability in wet and dry conditions
  • Foam technology increases breathability
  • Anatomically designed for dexterity, comfort and fit
  • Product Code: BNNLF(+size)
  • Sizes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
  • Approvals: EN388 Mechanical Risks 4131, EN511 Cold Standards X1X


  • Superior to the normal latex dipped gloves for handling raw steel products, especially stacking.
  • No issues with cuts, nicks etc when using knives or blades.
  • Great for driving forklift outside, and for generally keeping the hands warm.
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