SHINANO Pneumatic Reciprocating Saw/File - SI4710

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Shinano Reciprocating Saw/File

Code: SI-4710


  • Takes miniature flat, round or rectangular files as well as saw blades
  • Heavy duty
  • 12mth Warranty

Heavier duty than SI-4700B. Similar applications but can also take miniature files for small filing jobs such as door lock openings, square holes etc. Files are available separately as flat, round or triangular.

Cutting Capacity 3mm Mild Steel
Stroke 10mm
Free Speed 10000rpm
Air Inlet Size 1/4" NPT
Max. Air Cons 142L/min 5cfm
Net Weight 0.80kg
Width 36mm
  • Manufactured in Japan by SHINANO INC, these tools and accessories offer uncompromising industrial quality at reasonable prices.
  • Some SHINANO models have been in continuous production since the Brand was first introduced into Australia in 1978.
  • Large inventories of spare parts are held in stock and these include some parts for discontinued models.
  • SHINANO Air Tools are your choice if you need tools that will give long reliable service in industrial production situations
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