Unidiamant Professional Silent Type Diamond Blade - Granite/Engineered Stone

$385.00inc GST $489.00

Unidiamant Professional Diamond Blade - Granite/Engineered Stone

The Unidiamant Professional Combo Blade is our top blade for Fast cutting and long life. Being Italian born and bred, there is nothing but quality with this blade. Made with sandwich segmented technology. The middle section of each section is manufactured using a softer bond than the outside. This means that the blade segment keeps a flat profile all through its working life ensuring a crisp, clean cutting edge.



  • Silent Type
  • Segment Height - 15mm
  • Made in Italy
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Code Diameter No. of Segments Bore
ST-UDCEGG-14 14"/350mm 42 50/60mm
ST-UDCEGG-16 16"/400mm 48 50/60mm
ST-UDCEGG-18 18"/450mm 52 50/60mm


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