Wolf Garten

WOLF GARTEN | Multi-Change Window Washer - Head Only

$56.95inc GST $74.95

WOLF GARTEN | Multi-change Window Washer

The WOLF-Garten® Window Washer features a 110° adjustable head which allows you to wash windows of almost any shape. The scrubbing cloth has a Velcro strip that allows for quick cleaning and attaching and detaching of new washing cloths. The Window Washer tool comes with a short handle to wash reachable windows. The WOLF-Garten Window Washer is preferred by professional window washers around the world.

  • With adjustable working angle and removable washable wiping fleece
  • Can be used up to a height of 5.30 m with the Vario handle
  • Handles purchased separately

Note: Poles are ordered separately as this product is part of the Multi-star range which is a system that allows you to have one pole for a number of different Wolf Garten Heads. We have the full range available which includes the Aluminium telescopic 3m and 4m handles.

Working width 35
Recommended handle all multi-star® handles


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