Wolf Garten

WOLF GARTEN | Comfort Plus Anvil Gardening Secateur

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WOLF GARTEN | Comfort Plus Anvil Secateur

A key component of the WOLF-Garten® Comfort Plus Anvil Pruning Shears is its ergonomic two-component handle. Comfort is second to none as there is a soft insert on the top, and an easy-on-the-wrist 30° cutting angle providing a painless cutting experience. Exchangeable anvil construction makes this tool not only comfortable but also extremely durable.

  • Joint-protecting 30° angle
  • Non-Stick coated blades
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Fits comfortably in both left and right hands
  • Cutting performance: up to 7/10"
  • Integrated spring means no more loose or lost springs!
BLADES Non-stick-coated blade
Cutting performance up to 25 mm Ø
Stub free cutting
Locking One-hand lock
Usability Suitable for left- and right-handed persons
Avril With power anvil for easy cutting (also with harder wood)
EEronomic handle Ergonomic two-component handle with soft rubber insert for a firm grip while cutting
Safety thumb recess
Cutting angle 30° cutting angle to ease strain on the joints
Blade pre-tension Precise blade pre-tensioning
Replaceable anvil

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