Wolf Garten

WOLF GARTEN Florist Flower Shear

$43.95inc GST $60.95

WOLF GARTEN | Florist Shear

The WOLF-Garten® Comfort Florist Shear are truly a pair of scissors that can be used universally. This pair of scissors is the perfect option for a kitchen shear as it will easily slice through just about anything for years to come. Cut through floral arrangements, rope, cloth, wrapping paper, cords, cardboard, thin twigs, or use in the kitchen on poultry and other meats. These ergonomically designed scissors feature a cushioned finger grip to increase comfort and ease of use. WOLF-Garten® Florist Shears can be used by both right- and left-handers.


Over time your scissors may get dirty or sticky with residue. If this becomes bothersome we recommend washing the tool with warm water and soap. If this still does not work try using mineral spirits on the blades, which should remove any remaining residue. Please ensure you dry your WOLF-Garten Scissors thoroughly. 

BLADES With non-rusting stainless steel blades
Handle Comfortable handle with non-slip inner zone
Lower handle
Collector bag
Use case For use in-house and garden
Universal use Can be used to cut anything from flowers to rope and cardboard up to thin twigs
Easy to clean

Easy to clean, since the shears can be dismantled completely

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