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WOLF GARTEN | Multi-Star® Adjustable Fruit Picker - Head Only

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WOLF GARTEN | Multi-star® Adjustable Fruit Picker

Multi-Star® Adjustable Fruit Picker from WOLF-Garten, designed to be used with your choice of lightweight handles.

  • Quality adjustable fruit picker-10 year guarantee
  • For picking fruit from high branches while keeping your feet on the ground
  • Part of the multi-change tree care without a ladder range
  • A gentle pull and the fruit drops into the strong collection bag
  • Can reach up to 5.7 metres off the ground when used with multi-change telescopic handles, purchased separately.
  • Built-in knife for stubborn stalks
  • Angle of cutting head adjusts for ease of use
  • Pliant prongs 'catch' fruit, apply a twist and gentle pull and the fruit drops in to the collection bag.
  • Angle adjusts for easy use and will accept fruit up to 100mm in diameter.
  • Poles are separate.

Note: Poles are ordered separately as this product is part of the Multi-star range which is a system that allows you to have one pole for a number of different Wolf Garten Heads. We have the full range available which includes the Aluminium telescopic 3m and 4m handles.

    This handy attachment mounts on any Wolf Snaplock pole.
    Convenient harvesting of fruit from a range of tree crops.
    Plastic handles with a sharpened blade detach the fruit which is held in the cloth bag below.

    Product Code: RG-M



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