Wolf Garten

WOLF GARTEN Multi-Change Garden Scraper/Weeder - Head Only

$18.95inc GST $22.95

WOLF GARTEN | Multi-change Garden Scraper/Weeder

Removes moss, grass and weeds from joints in paving.

  • Effortlessly remove grass and moss from the gaps between flagstones, joints in stairs and the corners of walls.
  • Especially solid, extra-hardened
  • Handles purchased separately

Note: Poles/Handles are ordered separately as this product is part of the Multi-star range which is a system that allows you to have one pole for a number of different Wolf Garten Heads. We have the full range available which includes the Aluminium & Hardwood range. Aluminium comes in 140cm and 150cm lengths, and the Hardwood range comes in 140cm, 150cm and 170cm Lengths.

Recommended handle All multi-star handles


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