Wolf Garten

WOLF GARTEN | Multi-Change Mounding Hoe - Head Only

$32.95inc GST $43.95

WOLF GARTEN | Multi-change Mounding Hoe

With the ability to remove deeply rooted weeds and loosen the soil at the same time, the WOLF-Garten® Mounding Hoe HWM15 is an excellent tool for weeding. The extra sharp blade featured on this garden hoe gives it the ability to weed with minimum effort and maximum efficiency. Additionally, the blade can easily be removed and sharpened adding to the longevity of this durable gardening tool

  • Effortlessly hoe out deep-rooted weeds and loosen up the soil at the same time
  • Extra sharp replaceable blade
  • Replacement blades available
  • Handles purchased separately

Note: Poles/Handles are ordered separately as this product is part of the Multi-star range which is a system that allows you to have one pole for a number of different Wolf Garten Heads. We have the full range available which includes the Aluminium & Hardwood range. Aluminium comes in 140cm and 150cm lengths, and the Hardwood range comes in 140cm, 150cm and 170cm Lengths.

Working width 15 cm
Recommended handle ZM 150


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