Wolf Garten

WOLF GARTEN | Multi-Star® Aluminium Handle, D Grip

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WOLF GARTEN | Multi-star Aluminium Handle, D Grip

Gain full control over your WOLF-Garten® Multi-change tools with the WOLF-Garten® D-grip handle. This is the ideal handle for shovels and winter tools and the push, pull and twist motions associated with gardening. The 80cm WOLF-Garten D Grip handle has a lightweight and extremely durable aluminium shaft and connects to any WOLF-Garten Gardening Tool Head.

This WOLF-Garten D-Grip handle is also the perfect handle for many of our winter shovels and tools. The WOLF-Garten shovels are sold in 2 parts - the shovel part and the handle part.

  • For all multi-star® tools used with a pushing action, and lawn edging spades RM-M, weed extractors iW-M and weeding trowels KS-M
Length 80cm
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