Wolf Garten

WOLF GARTEN | POWER Cut Anvil Tree Lopper RS750 - 750mm

$131.95inc GST $195.95




This new lopper from Wolf incorporates POWER®CUT* - the new cutting head technology which multiplies the applied force making cuts even easier.
• The flat-headed screws protect the tree from unnecessary damage to the bark
• In addition to the ultra-lightweight aluminium tubes, two of the new loppers can be telescopically adjusted to the optimal length.
• Non-stick coated blades reduce the adhesion of sap to the blades cutting surface.
• Newly designed shock absorbing rubber buffers minimise the cutting impact as do the ergonomic soft grip handles
• Manufactured for maximum durability with numerous easy-to-replace wearing parts

One-blade or anvil technology conserves up to 20 % of your strength. Ideal for cutting dead and hardwood.
For branches up to 45 mm. 750mm overall length.

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